Big Tech Censorship You’re Paying For

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Big Tech Censorship doesn’t seem like something businesses need to worry about…  But, for most marketers, salespeople and business owners, 2020 revealed a level of coordination between government and large corporations that we hadn’t understood until the COVID pandemic and political machinations forced it right out into the open.

3 years on, the “Twitter files” exposed in black and white how much influence the US government has had over “big tech” in particular and, most disturbingly, how willingly Big Tech has happily done the bidding of factions of the US government, in direct opposition to their users and the first amendment.

As detailed in an epic series of tweets by Matt Taibi, government representatives had regular contact with employees of Twitter and other Big Tech firms to specifically request the silencing of users posting about evidence of harms related to the COVID vaccine as well as 2020 election fraud.

In retrospect, it’s difficult to imagine that this wasn’t going on before the pandemic.  However, what is most concerning is that it continues to this day and is certainly not limited to Twitter, or X, users.  In fact, many non-profit organizations and businesses continue to have their accounts shut down, canceled or censored.

What follows is a partial list of incidents involving market leading platforms and their customers.

If you’re using one of these platforms, there’s not escaping the fact that you’re paying for this type of censorship.  Our mission is to help you find alternatives you can trust to protect your civil liberties, rather than willfully violate them. censored the RNC (Republican National Committee)


Hubspot censored the Dailywire article


MailChimp censored the Babylon Bee claiming terms of service violation: Fox News article, Faithwire article

MailChimp fact checking your emails in real time: Techstartup article

MailChimp cancels account of 2nd Amendment Group, Virginia Citizens Defense League:  Fox Business article

MailChimp cancels account of Stefan Molyneux based on complaint from a single user: Article

MailChimp censors Liberty Coalition of Canada emails about vaccine harm.


Youtube demonetized Dailywire’s Matt Walsh: Dailywire article


Matt Taibi’s “Twitter files” exposes multiple acts of censorship requested by government representatives and executed by Twitter employees.

Twitter/X censorship continues under Musk: Forbes article

US Government Involvement

Congressional Report on Election Interference Censorship: Article

Military Contractors Developing Censorship Strategy: Breitbart article

We’ll continue to add to this list as more evidence is published.  

If you’re aware of specific examples that you’d like us to add, please email with a link to reports of the incident and any other relevant details.

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