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In the days after the 2020 presidential election, I was constantly thinking about how I was dependent on many companies who were clearly acting to undermine a free and fair election. Censoring content related to election fraud, shutting down accounts of voices opposed to Joe Biden, etc.

And of course, throughout 2020, I had been thinking about how dependent we all are on products from China. Have you ever tried to purchase only American made products on Amazon? Literally impossible!

And then I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Reply All. It was one of the first podcasts I had gotten “addicted” to years ago. I have looked forward to Reply All showing up in my feed for literally years. It’s a Gimlet podcast. As you may know, Gimlet was a start up a few years ago and grew rapidly as a producer of really great podcast content across all sorts of topics and audiences. It wasn’t hard to figure out where they were coming from politically in general but, they did a much better job at trying to stay neutral than most in the media business. And then they sold the business to Spotify and things started changing. In particular, Reply All started focusing in on topics that we overtly political and definitely took a side.

Listening to Episode 169

of Reply All

in the first couple of minutes, the host starts talking about how they took listener calls to hear how they felt about the election results but, that they were not even going to entertain any about calls election fraud!

Then the idea hit me. I unsubscribed from Reply All and asked myself, how many of the other podcasts I subscribe to, thereby providing them the ability to earn advertising dollars, also are coming from a political point of view opposed to mine, possibly censoring views they don’t agree with and probably supporting causes I don’t agree with? I don’t want to lend my support to these podcasts. But how would I ever know which ones I should unsubscribe? And how could I find others that might be more aligned with my views that I just haven't heard of yet?

Wouldn’t it be cool if that was easy? If consumers of everything, not just podcasts but, food and travel and books and media and cars and everything, could easily vote with their wallet or their attention/time?

That’s why we


Truugle! We’ve crowd sourced the verification of specifics about each vendor/producer/influencer, etc. and made sure it can’t be manipulated unfairly.

And we’ve provided easy ways for users to submit new products, companies, etc. to be reviewed.

And most importantly, now you can search for anything and filter the results based on the political views of the principals benefiting from your purchases and the political positions and fairness of the content they produce.

It’s still a work in progress so, we’ve made it easy to see what has been reviewed and rated and what hasn’t and since most things are not black or white, we’ve created a scoring system that we hope will give you a confidence level in making decisions.