Salesforce Cancels Republican National Committee

  • by truugle-admin on March 6, 2021 1 comments

Another Big Tech titan has jumped into the censorship game. When turned off the ability of the Republican National Committee to send emails to their donors and supporters, it took the Big Tech censorship game to a new level.

After all, the RNC is a PAYING customer of Salesforce! They’re not using the platform for free the way you would Twitter or Facebook.

If they can shut off the RNC, who will they shut down next? How can the average business using Salesforce be assure they won’t be shut down by Salesforce for some future imagined infraction?

If you’re a Salesforce subscriber and you’re offended by this type of arbitrary and one sided censorship, you’re probably looking for alternatives to Salesforce.

But switching the Customer Relationship Management system for your business is a bigger decision than to stop using your personal social media account. Your employees are involved. Your business relies on the information in your CRM.

Searching for alternative CRMs is overwhelming! There are so many options. How can you choose?

How can you make the transition simple and easy for your team?

How can you avoid disruption of your business AND stop feeding the censorship machine?

Step 1 is to be sure that you always have an up to date backup copy of your valuable information. This way you can transfer it to another CRM platform when you’re ready.

Here’s a short video that shows you how to get a backup copy of all of your CRM data currently in Salesforce.

Check out this Guide to Finding a Salesforce Alternative here.

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