Switch from Firefox to Opera

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Switch from Firefox to Opera


In the wake of Twitter and Facebook “canceling” Donald Trump, Firefox CEO Mitchell Baker called for even more censorship.

In a blog post, Baker said “We need more than deplatforming”! Here’s a good article on Baker’s stance on censorship.

If you’re fed up with Big Tech tyrants choosing whose voice we get to hear, make a statement. Stop using Firefox.

If you’re a longtime Firefox user, you may worried about losing all of your bookmarks, history, etc. You may also be using Firefox because you felt it was “safer” because they don’t track you as aggressively as Google Chrome and others.

Good news! Opera browser respects your privacy and they’re staying out of the censorship game!

Here’s a short video on how to start using Opera and transfer all of your bookmarks and history over from Firefox so you don’t miss a beat.

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